3 Reasons WHY You Should Be Sleeping with an Eye Mask

Did you know we spend about 26 years of our lifetime sleeping? What’s crazier than this, is that you spend another 7 years just trying to fall asleep! And still, 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep.

I know, I know…Perhaps you had to work late, maybe the kids just wouldn’t settle or maybe you had to watch just one more episode of your favorite Netflix show before bed. What ever the reason is that you aren’t getting your 8 hours, there is a secret you can use to improve the time you actually spend asleep.

Eye Masks! Sleep Masks! Face Masks! Those things they give out on planes… Whatever you want to call them. Eye masks are a wonderful tool that EVERYONE should have in their bedtime routine.

Here’s 3 reasons why.

Reason 1) Your body associate’s darkness with sleep which in turn helps with the secretion of melatonin (the hormone which regulates sleep and waking up cycles). Eye Masks help by blocking light which creeps in when you're trying to get your beauty sleep. The result of more darkness? MORE BEAUTY SLEEP!

Reason 2) In addition to improving the over quality of your sleep, which by the way, enhances your mood, energy levels and controls appetite; Eye Masks can also improve the quality of your skin. Waking up with the imprint of your cotton pillowcase all over your face a) looks odd, b) can lead to more wrinkles over time. By protecting your eyes with an Eye Mask, you reduce your chances to fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving you looking beautiful forever!

Reason 3) Lastly, sleeping with a breathable hypoallergenic eye mask such as “Clair and Oaks 22mm Eye masks”, you are choosing a safer alternative to sleep aid medications. Being mindful about what you put in and on your body is the secret to long term health and beauty.

Final Thoughts

Combining a Silk Eye mask with a super soft Silk Pillowcase gives you all the benefits of better hair, improved sleep which leads to glowing skin! That’s why here at Clair and Oak, we give you our 22mm Pillowcases with a 22mm Silk Eye Mask to give your body the treatment it deserves. Every. Single. Night.  

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