Our Story



Based in Toronto, Canada - we wanted to find a solution to cut down on expensive visits to the salon, while maintaining healthy looking hair and skin. After pages of research, we came across the incredible benefits of Mulberry Silk; from there, Clair and Oak was born.

The average person in the United States alone will spend roughly $55,000 on hair and skin maintenance over the course of a lifetime. That's a lot! However, by changing your pillowcase to 100% Mulberry Silk you can cut the cost dramatically as you sleep! While your body restores on the inside, we have you covered on the outside. 

Unlike cotton; hair and skin glides across the silk without causing any friction, or wear and tear. Less Friction! Less Damage! And less damage means less visits to the hair salon.

Silk protein has anti-inflammatory and repair effects that can reduce irritation in a short period of time, heal skin damage, and also reduce facial puffiness. Silk is highly absorbent and dries quickly, allowing your skin to breath. It’s natural climate regulating properties help you stay cool in summers and warm in winters. And it’s one of the most hypoallergenic fabric available!

After sleeping on our very own 22 Momme Mulberry Silk, we instantly noticed the difference. No more split ends, no more frizz and no more puffy eyes.

Once you have experienced a sleep like that, trust me, you will want to share the comfort! Which is exactly what we did.

We are proud to share with you our premium selection of 100% Mulberry Silk. So now you and your loved ones can experience luxury and beauty at the same time.